Something LIghT™ Podcast: Home of the Most Lit Podcast. PERIOD.

Something LIghT™? One of the many definitions of “light”, suggests a deficiency in influence (not having pull) or the state of being insubstantial. However, here in Brooklyn, New York, the birthplace of Something LIghT™ Podcast, “something light” means the complete opposite. When someone states “that’s something light”, itis usually said in modesty. Take for example the sentence, “I passed theBar Exam with a perfect score, you know, something light.” Passing the Bar Exam, especially with a perfect score, is not an easy feat no matter how nonchalantly it is said; that’s just general knowledge. The same is true of our podcast. Modestly speaking, we simply launched a podcast but once you hit play, you’ll understand that we’re bringing you raw, unmatched conversation with our interviews and banter. The complete opposite of light.

Why LIghT instead of”Light”? Instead of a play on words, we played with the letters. Without the lowercase letters, all that is left isLIT. Lit, typically describes something that is amazing in any sense. Basically, the message we were trying to convey is that, any way you put it, we are anything but your average podcast! We put the LIT in LIghT!

Something LIghT™ Podcast’s mission is to entertain, engage and familiarize our listeners with us, in a way that makes us friends of yours now too. We’re just 2 girls from Brooklyn, that go by the names of Ani Cee & Laysha Danyelle, sharing the details of our lives and our uncensored opinions with our listeners and guests as they grace us with some of their own viewpoints and experiences. If you listen to at least one episode, we promise you’ll be waiting for the next episode to be released.


  • Episode 18 – “You Got Alot To Fxcking Say” with King P is available now!!!

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